COVID prevention is just plain common sense.

“I don’t want to approach a policy or a mandate just looking to make people feel good. I want to do good and actually put forward provisions that make a difference for these families and these local communities …” –South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Masks aren’t about just “feeling good”, they’re about taking some control over one’s well-being. And who wouldn’t want to do that? I wonder what “forward provisions” the Governor is referring to that will replace masks? If she’s planning to keep everyone on lockdown at home, maybe that would work, but that’s not what she’s planning to do. People are going to go out, they have to work, go grocery shopping, see their doctor, pick their kids up from school, etc. Life can’t stop because of a virus, and it doesn’t have to if people take common sense precautions (the mask is just one).

To date, the CDC believes COVID-19 is spread through droplets from a person who has the virus to another person who inhales the droplets through the mouth, nose, and lungs.

This mask thing is just so common sense to me. One’s situation in the moment should dictate if a mask is warranted. Surely, I don’t have to go over each of those situations here. It should be obvious. Every situation is different, but you get the idea. It’s just common sense.

Look, I took every precaution, or so I thought, and I still got COVID. I know where I got it, too. I got it spending every day for two weeks at the hospital with mom. I wore a mask every time I left her room, and I wore it often in her room, but not all the time when it was just the two of us in there. However, I could not always stay in her room. I left her room often to find nurses, attend procedures with her, get something to eat, get some air. And even though I wore a mask every time I left the room, I am not 100% sure that I used hand sanitizer after touching every little thing. I washed my hands often, and I used sanitizer often, but think about all the things one touches over the course of the day without even thinking about it– things like door knobs, elevator buttons, the keypad on the ATM, etc.

That said, while hand sanitizer, hand-washing, and masks don’t guarantee one won’t get the virus, one’s chances are at least reduced when one takes precautions.

Just about every argument I hear about the masks has less to do with thinking masks aren’t effective, and more to do with not wanting government telling them what to do. Listen, I get it. I’m right up there with the people who hate Big Brother wanting to legislate every little thing we do. I think people should have control over their own lives. I do think that unless your actions infringe upon the civil rights of others, you should do what you want. I don’t want or need government infringing upon my private life. But the thing is we can’t always rely on people to do the right thing. And government’s number one priority is the protection of natural rights, to defend against external enemies, manage economic conditions, and provide public or utility goods. In the case of a pandemic, doesn’t the government have the responsibility to ensure the well-being of its constituents? Not just some, but all. Yes, it does.

Yes, I know this is a slippery slope. Every time I think of government intervention, I am reminded of Bloomberg’s great ban of oversized sugary drinks in NYC. Sugar is the devil, but I don’t think that legislation banning them was necessary.

In this case, we’re trying to slow a spread of a virus that has killed thousands, has the potential for killing millions and is devastating economies all over the world. For those who are opposed to government intervention, think about this: if people would use common sense and take the necessary precautions, government would not need to get involved, and there’d be nothing to bitch about.

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