Mom’s Baseline

(As featured in Splice Today.) Mom’s Baseline Jessica Clackum It was important that the people treating her know what her life was like outside that hospital. It began in December when mom was taken to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath. A few days later, she became seriously ill and went into septic shock... Continue Reading →


It’s Merely Change

(As featured in Splice Today.)   Three years ago, I wrote articles (Caring for Mom, What Mom Nearly Lost at the Hospital) about the difficulties of caring for an ailing parent. My experience began in 2014 when my mother broke her hip. Once she returned home after three bouts of pneumonia, horrific hospital delirium, and an excruciating... Continue Reading →

30 days of CBD Oil.

After reading about the benefits of CBD oil, I'd wanted to try it. Initially, I was only going to try the oil for my pain, but when my orthopedist recommended also taking turmeric & curcumin, I decided to do both. My sister recommended I start the CBD oil at a low dose to test my... Continue Reading →

My Cousin Bernie

It was 2006, and I'd been spending a lot of my time working on my genealogy research. It was something I really enjoyed, as it was so exciting meeting new family members and learning new things about my heritage.  During the course of my research on my Unger ancestry from Iasi, Romania, I made contact... Continue Reading →

A Glacier Disappears in Alaska…

Scientists have been telling us for years what will happen, but not everyone is listening. It seems any attempt at stopping things from getting worse is hindered by a government that denies there is a problem. This doesn't need to be a Democrat or Republican thing, or a liberal or conservative thing it's should be... Continue Reading →

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