The Homestead

As featured in SpliceToday The Homestead Jessica Clackum Our lives are far more enriched and blessed now that we’re here. I never thought I’d wind up back here, where it all began 39 years ago. I was born and raised in the city. I had a lot of friends, played ball in the streets, went to the... Continue Reading →

Dad’s things: the mystery that isn’t…

Once a year, I take a box out of my nightstand drawer and remove its contents: dad's wallet and watch. After dad died, mom wanted each of us kids to have something that belonged to him. I got his wallet and watch -- two things he never went anywhere without. He had his watch on... Continue Reading →

You can go home.

After Grams died, and her house was still standing, I'd walk over there on Friday nights after my weekly visit with mom. I'd just stand there, and stare at her place for a long time, walking around, remembering when it was lit up at night and full of life. I'd peek in the windows and... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Baseline

(As featured in Splice Today.) Mom’s Baseline Jessica Clackum It was important that the people treating her know what her life was like outside that hospital. It began in December when mom was taken to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath. A few days later, she became seriously ill and went into septic shock... Continue Reading →

It’s Merely Change

(As featured in Splice Today.)   Three years ago, I wrote articles (Caring for Mom, What Mom Nearly Lost at the Hospital) about the difficulties of caring for an ailing parent. My experience began in 2014 when my mother broke her hip. Once she returned home after three bouts of pneumonia, horrific hospital delirium, and an excruciating... Continue Reading →

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