Letters from Arthur: One soldier’s perspective from the front lines of WWII.

  "I so often wonder when I'll be heading home and it seems like years...my thoughts are constantly of home and the pleasant things and people I left behind."  --PFC Arthur Hersh, Guam, October 1944. Arthur Abraham Hersh was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on 26 November 1915, to Isaac and Yetta Hershkowitz, orthodox Jews... Continue Reading →


Before you vote, check the facts and the sources…

It isn't easy to discern where exactly the candidates stand, and it isn't easy to understand the issues on the ballot. It can be very confusing, and many people feel lost, even those who are in the know. Misleading ads and confusing jargon leave us wondering who and what to vote for. But, in order... Continue Reading →

30 days of CBD Oil.

After reading about the benefits of CBD oil, I'd wanted to try it. Initially, I was only going to try the oil for my pain, but when my orthopedist recommended also taking turmeric & curcumin, I decided to do both. My sister recommended I start the CBD oil at a low dose to test my... Continue Reading →

My Cousin Bernie

It was 2006, and I'd been spending a lot of my time working on my genealogy research. It was something I really enjoyed, as it was so exciting meeting new family members and learning new things about my heritage.  During the course of my research on my Unger ancestry from Iasi, Romania, I made contact... Continue Reading →

A Glacier Disappears in Alaska…

Scientists have been telling us for years what will happen, but not everyone is listening. It seems any attempt at stopping things from getting worse is hindered by a government that denies there is a problem. This doesn't need to be a Democrat or Republican thing, or a liberal or conservative thing it's should be... Continue Reading →

When good grills go bad…

A recent Facebook post where I mentioned wanting to bang my head against the wall led to my friend Deb bringing up the saga of the barbecue grill. Ahh yes, the grill. That story is legend... Let me begin by saying that I was perfectly content without a charcoal grill. Oh, I love to barbecue... Continue Reading →

CBD Oil Day #3

Recently, a friend relayed her experiences with pain and fatigue, which was constant-- all day, every day. A busy working woman, wife, and mom of a vibrant and energetic little girl, she had to find a better solution than the over-the-counter NSAIDS she'd been taking.  So, she began a holistic approach, which includes CBD oil... Continue Reading →

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