COVID prevention is just plain common sense.

“I don’t want to approach a policy or a mandate just looking to make people feel good. I want to do good and actually put forward provisions that make a difference for these families and these local communities ...” --South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Masks aren't about just "feeling good", they're about taking some control... Continue Reading →

Discovering Family History

Finding Bernie and learning about common genealogical history. As published in Splice Today Over the course of 20 years, I’ve spent a lot of time researching my family history. Sometimes I hit the jackpot—uncovered the answers to decades-long questions, found the missing piece of the puzzle, or solved the mystery that no one else could. While... Continue Reading →

Jotting as Writing

Dad spent a lot of time pondering life and its meaning. (as featured in Splice Today) Dad liked to write. By that I don’t mean poetry or stories because that wasn’t his style. Dad’s form of writing was different; it was in the form of little notes, sketches, numbers, facts, and figures. He spent most... Continue Reading →

My Other Loves

by Naomi Hersh Clackum. Summer 1989: We'd gone for almost two years without a dog in our home when we made the decision to visit the local humane society. Having been forced to make that heartbreaking decision to send Bambi, our seven year old Belgian Shepherd/Collie to her final rest, we vowed never again to... Continue Reading →

Cooking With Fire

What took place next is all because one man wanted a steak. I was perfectly content without a charcoal grill. I love to barbecue, but hate the cleanup. My husband really wanted one, insisting how much fun it’d be to grill outside during the nice weather. I was on the fence, but he insisted. I... Continue Reading →

I was just trying to plan my vacation!

(I've been going through my drafts and found this bit from 2013) Oh, yes. Mothers, Grandmothers-- It's all the same! My Grams is ninety-six years old, five foot nothing, with jet black hair. She's an incredible woman: kind, caring, nurturing, with a genuine warm personality and a huge heart. And... she’s always right. She always... Continue Reading →

Words on Paper

As featured in Splice Today Words on Paper When you’re gone, those stories go with you. During the 1980s, mom decided to return to pursuit of her lifelong dream of writing. She was a natural talent, too. During her teenage years she was active in social causes and engaged in a number of letter-writing campaigns. Later she’d write more letters, as well as musings... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup

by Naomi Hersh Clackum, 1982 Archaeologists have made a new discovery on the site where Moses received the Commandments from God.  Buried deep in the rock, weathered by the ages, lies a petrified, oval-shaped receptacle containing a very small, but unmistakable dried up... ...matzo ball. This opens up stunning new theory that could change the... Continue Reading →

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