Running for my Life: A Monster Dream

I’m able to remember so many vivid details of my dreams that it’s just scary. This is one of those times.

January 5, 2008

I was with this group of people and we were all scared. There was this evil monster that would come into the area where we were and we would all hide in the brush so he wouldn’t see us. See, we all seemed to be sitting in circles on the ground and when we thought the monster was coming, we hid in places where the monster wouldn’t find us. I can’t describe in words to you the intense fear I felt in this dream; when this thing would seek out his victim. Everyone was looking for the most perfect place to hide from this thing; I mean someplace where it could not find them. And then when the thing went away everyone would come out. I remember crawling in bushes, thick ones, to hide.

And there were so many of us, I don’t know how many he would catch but I didn’t want to be one of them. The monster would kill a person if it could find that person. So we all had to hide. I recall hiding in a closet behind a bunch of clothes, the monster came in and didn’t see me and left. This monster was more like a thing with a mask– maybe like a Jason or Freddy mask—I can’t recall. Anyway, I’m sitting on the ground with my group of people I knew and  the monster called for a reprieve and said everyone would be spared at that moment, no one would be killed except for those whose birthdays it was. Then I think he went away but I can’t remember. Well it was my birthday but I wouldn’t volunteer myself to be killed. I didn’t speak up but the people around me, in my group knew it was my birthday. I suppose if I didn’t speak up one of them would to save themselves. They prodded me to speak up but I was scared to death of dying. I didn’t want to die and so instead of telling the monster, I ran.  I ran for my life.

Throughout the entire dream I remember running, in fact I never stopped running the entire time. I ran through woods, down streets, over hills, through brush, you name it, I was running. Apparently this place where I was at — it was huge, I mean large acreage of woods and property. I ran so much through woods and fields, didn’t know where I was going just knew I had to get away. I found an office building on the property and went inside. I can’t recall how I got out of it, but I know that I begged someone who worked in it to help me. I think I borrowed a phone from them and took it with me. I know I was trying to call my parents. In the dream I dialed my parents’ phone number, my friend Debbie’s cell and a few others.

I was running for a long time, trying to get away and I ran into a guy who we thought had disappeared but who had run away like me some time before and had been in hiding the entire time. So we ran together. Eventually we ran into others, I would say about a half dozen others, but they were people I knew, like a few of them were my students but I recognize only one. We all stuck together and ran, afraid of what would happen if we were caught. I remember being thirsty, having to go to the bathroom, but hardly stopping. I can’t recall at what point I was able to steal a cell phone (though I had one earlier I don’t know what happened to that), but I think I was in this store or business owned by this man and somehow I got my hands on a cell phone.

Eventually, I saw the boundary line for this property. There was a city across the street. I knew if I could get across the boundary line I’d be safe, or at least I thought I was. Sometime during the dream I called Debbie on her cell phone and begged her to come get me. I think before that I tried contacting mom and dad to come find me, but I can’t remember. Eventually the people I was with, stopped with me, we were in the city now and still running. I heard a horn honking and one of the people I was with pointed out that the car was honking for me. Apparently (and I don’t know how I knew this), this car had been sent by Debbie. There were three people in it. I got in with them only to find out they were with the people who had been holding all of us at this place. Somehow I got away, I can’t remember how. And again we ran. We were on top of houses, running across roofs, building tops, hills, fields, city streets, you name it.

Eventually we came to this, oh how do I describe it—some kind of jungle looking place, like a theme park that looked like a jungle. We ran through it but there were wild animals and we had to be careful not to be caught by the lion. We were chased in this thing, apparently the bad guys caught up with us. Somehow we evaded them. We figured out that they had been tapping the cell phones we’d been using to call our loved ones for help. They weren’t bugging our phones, I think they were using GPS or satellites or something but they knew who we called and when. They almost had us inside that amusement park I mentioned earlier. Oh it wasn’t really an amusement park, it seemed there were lots of doors and trees and such. You had to be careful NOT to go in the wrong door or you would be dead. As it turns out the bad guys owned this place. And if they caught us there we’d be dead.

Survival motivated me in this dream. I was determined not to be caught and killed. Toward the end of the dream, since we’d been gone so long and ran for so long, we were met by a man who handed out these small bracelets and told us that we were given a reprieve. That we would no longer be sought. Then he handed us the bracelets, all the people with me, and me. We were free to go and we all kept running, I guess to our homes. But then he told me that my sister was at that place where I had escaped from. And I had no choice then. I knew I couldn’t be free and run home if my sister was there. So, as we all ran down the road, everyone went left, but I took the road to the right, which went back to that evil place.

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