Chicken Soup

by Naomi Hersh Clackum, 1982

Archaeologists have made a new discovery on the site where Moses received the Commandments from God.  Buried deep in the rock, weathered by the ages, lies a petrified, oval-shaped receptacle containing a very small, but unmistakable dried up…

…matzo ball.

This opens up stunning new theory that could change the course of History:  that the Commandments were not the only things Moses received from God. Is it possible that CHICKEN SOUP is actually a divine gift? Known only to a select few?

Yes! Jewish Mothers.


From birth, this “miracle of miracles” is spoon fed into us, making sure we never spill a drop. In fact, scientists have even declared it to be the only sure cure for the common cold.

When we’re youngsters: Once a week!

During holidays:  Two or three times at least!

And when we have matured and moved out on our own, these sweet adoring little ladies (did you ever know one who could sit in a chair and still touch the floor with her feet?) so determined in their efforts to keep the supply of goodness going in, have actually been known to drive 50 miles in the rain to deliver a plain unmarked bowl, still boiling, mind you, to your front door.

“And what is the reason for this?” You ask.

“I heard you sneezing over the phone this morning and I’ve always said you don’t take care of yourself.”

If she wasn’t Jewish, they would make her a saint, right?

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